Trying to figure things out


I like my kennel, sometimes outside gets weird

Walking around, just waiting for it

Stop, take a leak, all hell breaks loose NO NO NO

Boss rubs my nose in the piss (I already did, again is alright)

Rubs my nose in Spot’s crap (That was the highlight of the day)

Next thing I know I’m back in the kennel


Why do they do that?

My thinking is it makes my breath smell better

So I always make sure I lick my ass before kissing his face


I’ve smelled your ass, nothing wrong there

I’m gonna start licking Spot’s ass, before giving kisses


More crap

Boss keeps taking cat to the vet

Says he’s not crapping enough, I agree!

But it would sure taste a lot better

If the cat didn’t bury it


Test dogs not monkeys

Dog, mans best friend, we deserve Neuralink chips

There’s like 10 Planet of the Apes movies

Get a clue, stop chipping chimps!