Trash cans

. My boss is very community oriented, carries baggies, picks up my poop and usually leaves in the homeless bins. Have you smelled those bins they have for the peasants?

.. Yes, I like to knock them over and roll in it, the bath part sucks.

. Our homeless guy always puts the lid back on tight, I can’t get into our bin. That truck they have sure smells good, I could sniff that thing all day, walk 6′ away, turn around and do it again.

.. I once thought my boss was depressed and decided to take a big crap for her, to cheer her up. I wouldn’t advise using the dining room , seems to make things worse.

. Yeah, can make them so happy sometimes they put it in a bag and keep it, sometimes they act like you had a choice “WHY DID YOU DO THAT!”,

.. Yeah, they wonder why we sniff around, just looking for that safe spot. Just like on the trail, find the spot where the other guy did his job and you have plausible deniability.


Happy Ending

. I think, therefore I think

.. Did you just think that up

. Do cats think they think?

.. They have mind control abilities

. I tried to use mind control on the boss, kept thinking – pee, pee, pee – that didn’t turn out good, mind controlled myself


What are you writing?

. Planet of the Dogs

.. Dogs like us?

. Like some of us

. = dog 1, .. = dog 2, just in case!