Old dog learns a new trick

. I found a new trick

.. Something to do with food I hope

. When I smell the boss having some good food, I just wait until he has a big mouthful, walk into the middle of the floor, take a big crap, turn around and start eating it and he spits all that good food everywhere

.. My boss gets mad, she starts squawking and puts it in one of her lunch bags, I see her in the back yard bagging her lunch all the time. But I do like licking the pizza from the top of your head

. I can’t believe she likes your vegan crap, it has no flavor, eat a dead rat once in a while for that extra aroma

.. Every time I drag something home she puts it in the lunch bag, she takes all the good stuff for lunch, then she seals up that giant bag full of the best smelling stuff and takes off. When she finally comes back a year or two later it’s all gone